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NEW! - Living Space Refurbishment Warm Roof

As well as fitting Full Roof Systems, we can also offer a refurbishment roof. By maintaining the existing roof structure, we can create a warm roof for half the price of a full replacement system.

Thinking of having a warm roof, then look no further! Living Space are East Anglia's warm roof specialists. 

If you're unsure of what's involved, why not give us a call and we can discuss the process, and even give you an idea of the cost. 

Create a comfortable, all-year round living space with one of our Warm Roof Systems.

Your existing glass or polycarb roof is likely to experience high levels of glare and be uncomfortably warm in summer and exceptionally cold in winter.  A thermally efficient warm roof system is designed to reduce these extremes of temperature and provide a more consistent level, with minimal disruption to your household.


  • Contributes to a reduction in annual fuel costs
  • Increased consistency in temperature allows the space to be used all year round
  • Reduction in noise from rain

Each of our warm roof systems have been carefully selected by us and are engineered to the highest standards and offer maximum performance in terms of u values and efficiency.

They have been designed to replace your existing conservatory roof, while still retaining the existing windows, doors and walls and can be installed in as little as three days. 

We offer four different systems:

Leka System Warm Roof >>

Guardian Warm Roof >>

Supalite Tiled Roof >>

Ultraframe Livin Roof >>

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