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What Is a Carport?

A carport is a roofed structure for the protection of all types of vehicles. The covered area protects against rain, wind, frost, snow, leaves, UV light (if the right roofing is used) and all variations of the unpredictable British weather. A car canopy provides the added benefit of loading and unloading under cover; ideal when transporting shopping and small children to and from the house.

What type of Carport?

The carport design depends on each client’s requirements. These include the completed size, the type of property to which it is attached (or is near) and the type of motor vehicle that is to be covered. The budget, as in the cost and overall prices, are affected by the design, wind and snow loading for the site address, any permission required such as planning and building regulations.

It is important to receive good advice to achieve the required outcome. At Living Space Design and Build we pride ourselves on giving the best guidance on carports, car canopies and all types of covered parking shelters.

With hundreds of carports and canopies fitted throughout East Anglia we’ve certainly got you covered. We have been installing cantilever carports and traditional carports for over 10 years .

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